Jesus Hernandez Dialysis Center – Our family taking care of yours

Jesus HernandezWhen Jesus Hernandez was diagnosed with chronic renal disease in 2008, we had to move to Manila just to have access to the best treatment possible.  It had to be cardioprotective because he was a heart attach survivor – this kind of technology was not available in Naga City during that time.

Going through dialysis treatments for 8 years, our family dreamt of bringing the global standard in dialysis treatment, right here to our hometown, to be shared with fellow Nagueños.

This was our family dream.

For the past years, we’ve been working hard to make it a reality, because we know exactly how it feels.

We put together everything you would need:

A center administered by compassionate and competent professionals, in a comfortable and friendly environment, using the latest technology in hemodialysis treatment.

In celebration of Jesus Hernandez; zest and zeal, we bring you the Jesus Hernandez Dialysis Center.